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  • The EDCF Act (Law No.3863) was promulgated in December 1986. The first session of the Fund Management Council was held in May 1987, and in the following month, the Export-Import Bank of Korea was entrusted as a unit for business operation and management of EDCF. In July 1987, a total of 15 billion won of initial contribution to EDCF was made by the Korean government.
  • In December 1987, a decision on its first official assistances, the Padang By-Pass Project in Indonesia and the Passenger Coach Project in Nigeria, was reached.
  • The first EDCF Workshop was held in October 1995 for government officials from nine developing countries. Assistance policy for co-financing projects with the IDB was introduced in July 2000. In Desember 2003, a debt relief program for the HIPC Initiative was set up to commit EDCF loans for developing countries.
  • In 2010, Korea became a member of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC).


  • 11 Approval of the first EDCF Supplementary Loan : Cogeneration Power Plant Construction Project, Mongolia
  • 12 Recording USD 1 Million in Cumulative EDCF Loan Disbursements
  • 02 First Approval of EDCF's Mixed Credit : the Philippines
  • 07 Conclusion of the Framework Arrangement with KOICA
  • 12 Recording USD 1 Billion in Cumulative EDCF Loan Commitments
  • 10 First Approval of Support Linking ODA with Grants of KOICA
  • 07 First Issuance of EDCF Annual Report
  • 05 Hosting of the First EDCF Workshop for Government Officials from Nine Partner Countries
  • 07 Approval of EDCF Loan for the First Co-financing Project with ADB : the Philippines
  • 06 Conclusion of Co-financing Arrangement with ADB
  • 10 Conclusion of Co-financing Arrangement with WB
  • 02 Completion of the First EDCF Project : the Philippines
  • 06 Approval of EDCF’s First Two-Step Loan : Pakistan
  • 06 Approval of the EDCF’s first Overseas Investment Credits to Korean Firm : Sericulture and Raw Silk Manufacturing Investment Project, The Philippines