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Special Supporting Facilities are designed to facilitate and expedite the EDCF loan process from
project identification and preparation all the way to the implementation and
maintenance phases after project completion.

These activities are carried out by the consultants employed and dispatched by EDCF.
There are three types of facilities as follows :

Project Preparation Facility

During the preparation stage of development projects, partner countries face difficulties in coming up with a well-prepared feasibility study mainly due to financial and technical limitations. Under such circumstances, EDCF supports partner countries through the Project Preparation Facility, made available for use by the partner country for the following activities in the project identification and preparation stages.
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Project cost estimation
  • Establishment of project scope
  • Feasibility study on economic, financial, and technical aspects
  • Analysis of the economic and social impact of the project

Project Implementation Facility

The Project Implementation Facility was created to provide assistance to on-going projects to ensure the smooth implementation of the projects and achievement of their goals. These assignments are carried out by the consultants and experts hired by EDCF with its own budget. The following are examples of activities under the Project Implementation Facility.
  • Preparation of bidding documents
  • Procurement/Inspection
  • Technical assistance during implementation
  • Dispatch of consultants to analyze project delays, etc.
  • Draft of the Progress Report and Project Completion Report

Ex-post Assistance Facility

The Ex-post Assistance Facility is provided to maximize the effectiveness of aid. As such, hindering factors are analyzed to ensure the project’s long-term sustainability in terms of managerial, operational, and financial aspects upon project completion, including procurement-related issues. Dispatch of experts for maintenance of the facility Provision of spare parts to replace or upgrade outdated ones.