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To best implement an EDCF Project, it is important for government officials from partner countries to understand Korea’s ODA goals and processes, and to share the belief in mutual economic cooperation.

In this respect, EDCF has been hosting the EDCF Annual Workshop since 1995, providing training sessions for government officials of partner countries in charge of ODA projects and local ODA experts working in EDCF representative offices. Program of the Workshop includes introduction on EDCF development assistance strategy and project implementation procedures, lectures on lessons learned from Korea’s economic development experience, and discussions on pending issues of on-going projects.


Annual Workshop is prepared to enhance participants’ understanding of EDCF strategy/process and to facilitate smooth management of projects. Also, participants are invited to industrial site visits to get inspiration for effective project implementation. Also, the Workshop serves as a key to strengthen economic cooperation between Korea and partner countries through regular networking with representatives from each country.

Main Program

Main Program
Program Contents
Policy Lecture
  • Introduction to Korea’s ODA program and strategy
Working Level Lecture
  • Introduction to EDCF policy and project cycle
  • Introduction to EDCF procurement process and evaluation
Cultural Lecture
  • Lessons learned from Korea’s economic development experience
Discussion and policy dialogue
  • Discussions between government officials, EDCF staff and other stakeholders involved
  • Sharing loan acquisition programs and practices of partner countries
Field Trip
  • Company Visit Program
  • Historic Site Visit

Annual Workshop Orientation

Annual Workshop Orientation

Discussion with EDCF Staff Members

Field Trip (Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone Authority)

Field Trip (Nurimaru APEC House)

Field Trip (Gyeong-ju Historic Site)

Field Trip (POSCO)