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Total 87 (Current 1/9)
NO Year Title Download Published
87 2021 Evaluation on the Climate Change Response Readiness of EDCF Supported Interventions 2022-04-29
86 2021 Ex-post Evaluation of Kilimanjaro-Arusha Transmission Line Project in Tanzania 2022-03-31
85 2021 Ex-post Evaluation of Iringa-Shinyanga Backbone Transmission Investment Project in Tanzania 2022-03-31
84 2020 Ex-post Evaluation of Hatton-Nuwara Eliya Road Improvement Project in Sri Lanka 2021-04-30
83 2020 Ex-post Evaluation of Improvement of National and Provincial Road, Kampot Bypass Project in Cambodia 2021-04-30
82 2020 Ex-post Evaluation of Emergency Management Information System Project in the Republic of Mozambique 2021-04-30
81 2020 Ex-post Evaluation of Development of National ICT Infra-Network Project in Bangladesh 2021-04-30
80 2020 Ex-post Evaluation of Hoa Khanh Tay Water Supply Project in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam 2021-04-30
79 2020 Ex-post Evaluation of Construction of Siem Reap Sewerage System and Improvement of Siem Reap River 2021-04-30
78 2019 Study on EDCF Evaluation System 2020-01-31
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